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Inspiration Cards for DnD (Digital)

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There are two decks of Inspiration Cards included in this package. The Standard Inspiration deck is a 30 card deck to be used as an alternative to the normal inspiration rules found in the D&D 5e Basic Rules.

The Heroic Inspiration deck is a 30 card deck for campaigns where you want the players to feel more powerful and take greater risks. Instead of using their inspiration before they roll to gain advantage, they can use heroic inspiration to reroll a d20 they just rolled.

Types of Cards

There are three types of cards in the standard and heroic inspiration decks:

  1. Choose One. Cards that say "Choose One:" in the middle allow the player to pick one of multiple options when played.
  2. Choose Two (or more). Cards that say "Choose Two:" in the middle allow the player to pick two of multiple options when played.
  3. Play Immediately. Cards that say "Play Immediately" are special effects that should be played immediately by the player. They tend to have powerful effects that can change the course of a players day or a battle.

Card Examples

There are 30 different cards in all, including the following effects:

  • Add +2 to any skill check you just made.
  • Discard an inspiration card to immediately draw two inspiration cards.
  • Give a creature disadvantage on its next d20 roll.
  • Increase your speed by 15 feet until the end of your next turn.
  • Recover one hit die.
  • Reduce the damage you take from a single attack by 1d12.
  • Reroll a d20 another creature just rolled.
  • Swap your turn order with another willing player whom has not yet taken his or her turn.

And more...


Feel free to modify these decks as you see fit, adding or deleting cards from each deck. We are also frequently playtesting these cards and will issue updates as needed.

Two blank card templates are available for download with this package, along with links to the fonts used so you can make your own cards that match the style of those found in this package.

Suggested Options

There are several options you can use to better suit your party and campaign.

  • Multiple Inspiration Cards - Players can have more than one inspiration card at a time. (If the GM regularly deals more than 2 cards per session, consider instituting a 3 card hand limit.)

  • Trading - Players can trade or give each other inspiration cards at any time. (This gives players opportunities to show their virtue by sacrificing themselves for their teammates - or their greed...)

  • Hidden Hands - Players’ hands are hidden from the GM, so when their cards are played it’s always a surprise what happens. (This is our favorite option as it creates fantastic stories for the group!)

  • Early Bird Bonus - Each player who arrives early for a session is dealt an inspiration card.


All card design is by Jedd Pearce and Twitch the Fiend.

All rules referenced in these cards can be found in the official Systems Reference Document provided by Wizards of the Coast, LLC.

The artwork for the back of the cards is provided by Stéphane Wootha Richard under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

The principle artwork for each card is provided by Kaitlynn Peavler under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.