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Attribute Drafting & Role Assignment for DnD (Digital)

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Do you find rolling for stats a little too chaotic or hard to balance? Is point-buy safe, but a little stale? Attribute drafting offers a new method for generating stats for your players that is both fun and balanced. This system is very newbie friendly, as it's hard to make a bad build with the cards you can draft!

With this system, each player will draft six attribute values (across three cards) and one attribute order (ranking those attribute values from highest to lowest) to help determine what kind of character they will to make. Each player can focus on what matters to them most - whether it's playing their favorite class, or just having strong stats and filling a needed party role.

Role Assignment

Are you running a one-shot or working with new players and want to zip through character creation as efficiently as possible? Role assignment allows you to deal class & stat packages to your players at lightning speeds! Each player receives two class choices from those presented in the 5e Player's Handbook (each with it's accompanying stats already set), and then simply picks the one that suits them best. This character creation system will allow you to get to the action and drama of D&D faster than any other!

Tutorial Video

Want to see these systems in action? Check out our tutorial video for both the Attribute Drafting and Role Assignment systems to discover just what makes them special!

Attribute Drafting System

Starting with the first player (usually the leftmost player), each player will draft one of the cards from the drafting board by right-clicking it and selecting "Take Card". After each player has drafted one card, the last player drafts again and you proceed in reverse order back to the first player. You repeat this process, bouncing between the first player and the last player until all players have four cards - one attribute order card and three attribute value cards.

Note: Players may draft these cards in any order - selecting one attribute order and then three attribute values, three attribute values and then one attribute order, or one or two attribute values, an attribute order, and one or two attribute values to finish their selection. Any order is possible, and this is part of what makes the draft system so fun!

Once players have all four cards, they use their selected attribute order to arrange the attribute values they drafted from highest to lowest. This makes up the attribute scores they will use in character creation.

Note: While there are two attribute values on a single card, these values will be split up to fit the attribute order selected. For example, if a player drafts an attribute order of Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma, Wisdom, and Intelligence, and they draft the 17-6, 15-8, and 13-10 attribute values, their final attribute scores will be Str 17, Con 15, Dex 13, Cha 10, Wis 10, Int 6. They will not be Str 17, Con 6, Dex 15, Cha 8, Wis 13, Int 10. For further clarification on this, watch the tutorial video above.

Role Assignment System

The Role Assignment system is extremely simple. Deal two of the role assignment cards to each player, and have them pick one that suits them. This will give them their class and their attribute scores all in one card. They may then proceed with character creation as normal.


All mechanic design is by Jedd Pearce and Twitch the Fiend.

All D&D rules referenced in these systems can be found in the official Systems Reference Document provided by Wizards of the Coast, LLC.

The icons used are provided by under the Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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