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A 3-5 Month Campaign


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Enjoy a 3-5 month professional campaign using an official D&D adventure with old or new friends! We have a multi-stage interview process to match applicants with a group and a campaign we think they will love.

Features Include

  • Sessions are scheduled for every week at a fixed time
    Access to all compendium content (a $398.93 value!)1
    Premium Character Builder
    Premium Spell Search Tool
    Dynamic Lighting & Vision
    Advanced Combat Tracker
    Professional Character Sheet Setup
    Custom Character Macros
  • Premium Twitch the Fiend supplements
  • A plethora of homebrew character options
  • Out-of-session downtime activites & progression
  • Strongholds & Followers rules options2
  • Professional Art Assets
  • One 90-minute private session each month
    Can be used for character building, private roleplay, or even tutoring
  • Priority access to Twitch the Fiend's free playtest sessions

1 All premium access to ends with your subscription at the end of the campaign.
2 Strongholds & Followers rules options will be available upon its digital release.
3 Application does not guarantee placement. We work hard to ensure that each group is as compatible as possible, and if we can't find a group that fits your interests, play style, and schedule, we'll place you on a waiting list until that ideal group is found. (You will only be billed if you are placed in a group.)

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