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Dragon art by Felipe Escobar Bravo (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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Twitch the Fiend is an upcoming D&D twitch show and creator of supplemental Dungeons & Dragons products. Our show will function like a book where the viewers can vote on the course of action the protagonists pursue at the end of each page, in addition to influencing their character builds, and what topics we cover (check out our voting page for more details). We'll also be doing shows with tips for game masters, insights into product design, and Q&A sessions.

Our supplemental D&D products focus on ways to make a GM's life easier while making the game more interesting for the players. Our most popular products include inspiration cards, condition cards, and our relationship creation system. We also like to involve our viewers in the design process as much as possible. Viewers can vote on which upcoming projects we focus on, provide feedback via playtesting sessions, and even submit new project ideas for us to review and submit to the community for voting.

We love D&D, we love our community, and we love creating amazing content. Thank you for being an imporant part of who we are!

Jedd Pearce & David Schulman
Twitch the Fiend

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